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artist Alexei Kolesov

I grew up in Moscow as a part of a dynasty of artists spanning four generations. My parents were international award winning jewellery designers. My grandmother was a fine representative of Social Realism era. As a gifted teacher she nurtured many artists-to-be in famous Sourikov School of Art.

As we decend deeper into the centuries we can find there two of my Great Grandfathers, both artists - Alexei Kolesov and Timothey Myagkov. 

Kolesov was a skillful portrait painter, a first Headmaster of Moscow Iconographic School and a close friend of one of Russia's greatest landscape painters - Ivan Shishkin. Kolesov belong to Peredvijniki movement and his works can be found in Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow and in Russian museum in St.Petersburg.

His father-in-law Myagkov was a genre an icon painter in Moscow. Amongst my extended family there are jewellers, photographers, mural artists, textile designer and fashion and interior designers.

I have followed in the footsteps of most of my relatives and graduated from Moscow Stroganov University for the Applied Arts in 1997. Since then I have been working independently as an artist both in Russia and in UK where I have emigrated after marriage. Through the years I have worked in many various techniques. I have an insatiable thirst for learning and find it to be a surest source for creativity. Most of my work presented here are done in either oil or watercolour however I had also worked in illustration, digital painting, embroidery, surface pattern design to name but a few. Examples of such work are available upon request


Since 2009 I have started teaching privately passing down to my students all the accumulated knowledge. I teach individually at my place or travel to students. I am also running an academic drawing class in Ham. More details in Teaching section.

In 2019 I became a tutor in Compass Art class in Kingston-upon-Thames. Unfortunately the company fell victim to Covid-19 pandemic. However 2020 experience has opened some new avenues for my online presence and currently I am successfully and extensively  teaching on Zoom which allows me to accept students from all around the globe as well as make my work available to a much wider audience.

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