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Academic Art Class near Kingston 

My Academic Art class serves South West London area as well as the north Surrey. We are situated half way between Kingston-upon-Thames and Richmond.  It is a beginner friendly drawing class for adults where you will be learning at your own pace starting with Charles Bargue's method and embarking on your own drawing projects whenever you feel ready. Old Master's drawings are always on hand to copy from as it is the surest way to acquiring some solid art techniques.


I have studied drawing and painting in Russia where the old school methods are still constituting a backbone of art education. I am very happy to be able to pass on my knowledge. Over the years we have had many talented students sometimes starting from a zero level and over time being able to produce art of stunning complexity and even starting a professional practice, exhibiting and selling their work.

This adult art class is dedicated to drawing skills primarily because with the pencil in hand we are able to easily practice all the core techniques necessary for successful art making without distractions on colour and although  we do not use paints at all you will find that your painting abilities improve greatly over time.

The academic art class operates on a drop-in basis. It runs every Friday 12 - 2 pm in St. Thomas Aquinas church hall and costs £15 per session.

Apart from the Academic Art Class I give private lessons to adults and children at my students homes around south west London boroughs and Surrey. However I am currently highly in demand and you might need to wait for a while before a space becomes available. Since 2019 I have been a tutor in  Compass Art class in Kingston. Sadly it had to close because of the pandemic. Currently I teach a Seasons Art class in Feltham.

2024 update:

Covid 19 has made changes in everyone's life - My face to face Drawing Class was forced online where it remains up to now I am looking for a possibility to find us a new venue and will update here once I did. Do sign up for my Newsletter to get promptly informed about new developments in the story - (the form will open in a separate widow)

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